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Hi, I am Alex, I live in a small village in Dhaka. I have passed SSC and HSC from village now I am currently enrolled in Honors first year in economics. Our main purpose of opening this website https://techbongo24.com. Educate people more about technology.

The present time is the era of technology and we have to keep pace with this technology and therefore we need to know more about technology and that is why I try to inform you about technology as much as possible.

From our website you can always know more details about technology and many other things like voter id card birth registration online income business also we have many information about how to start online you can check them if you want.

And if you want to contact me or talk to me then we have a contact page on this website you can contact me from there or you can see at the bottom of this website there is a link to my facebook page from there you can message me directly. can

Follow our website to stay connected with us or technology every seven days 24 hours and if you like the information of our website then share more with your friends and help them to know about technology. Thank you all, stay well, God bless you.