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Hello and Assalamualaikum Dear Reader For those of you who are working in RFL company, The name RFL Web Do is very familiar and necessary because everything from purchasing RFL products to Order Entry is done through the RFL Web Do web portal. This article of ours today is very important for those of you who will buy RFL product or demand the goods.

All customer staff of Pran Company and RFL Company if they want to buy any product of Pran RFL Company or any product of RFL Company then they must purchase the product and order entry using RFL Web Do.

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If you have to cancel the product after buying it, then you can cancel it through this Pran Web DO. At the same time, those of you who want to order RFL products according to demand can also complete your work using the RFL Web Do BD waneb portal.


RFL Web Do New Working System

To work on RFL Web Do, go to this link runner.rflgroupbd.com and input your User Name and 6-digit Password and click Login button, you can complete all the tasks of RFL Web Do including product purchase and order entry.

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www rfl web do web portal is mainly exposed only to RFL Sr and Sellers who buy and sell products of RFL Company from RFL Company and therefore they are allowed to complete all operations using 6 digit User ID and GoPone Password..

Not only RFL company but another popular company in Bangladesh who buy products through Pran Web DO can also buy products through RFL Web DO because products are bought and sold by Pran and RFL at the same time.

Let’s take a few steps to learn about some things including the rules of working on www pran Web Do and how to work through your smartphone. Let’s start without further ado.

Step 1:

To work on RFL Web Do first go to Google and search RFL Web Do Search it you will see a web portal like the picture below and enter the first website.


Step 2:

Once you enter the official website of RFL Pran Web DO, you will see a new web page like the below photo where all RFL Shillers have to login using their own 5/6 digit User ID and GoPone Password provided by RFL Company.

And by using your user id and secret password you will see RFL Web Dur main interface and there you

RFL Web DO Name RFL Entry Name
Order Entry RFL Order Entry
Active Order RFL Active Order
product info RFL Order Undelivered
Damage Approve status RFL Order Damage Approve status
Damage entry RFL Order Damage entry
MR status RFL Order MR status
Cancel do RFL Order Cancel do
Hidden do RFL Order Hidden do
Incentive offer RFL Order Incentive offer

You can see the options shown above in the first login page. Now we will know that those who are normal users mainly do one thing that is RFL Web Do Order Entry. Now let’s see the details about how to do order entry.

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Runner RFL Web Do 5005 Link

Runner RFL Web Do basically has two links. We have given the links of the two websites below in the form of a box. You can directly enter any of the two websites from here.

Runner RFL web do Link 1 Click Now
RFL web do Link 2 Click Now

For more details about RFL Web Do, watch the video below to know more beautifully and in detail.

What is RFL Web Do?

Those who are working in RFL company or new job may have been told by office to buy all products and products from RFL Web Do that portal for all your work and product purchase but you may not know what it actually is.

Actually WWW Pran RFL Web Do is a web portal created to manage all matters including purchasing a product of PRAN-RFL company and order entry order active damage entry damage active status. And it can only be used by RFL who is in employment status as it requires login using user id and password.

What is the function of RFL Web Do BD?

Those of you who are working in RFL company or have joined as SR, you may have been told about this website. In fact, if you type RFL Web Do BD and search, the website you will get is basically the website of those who have joined as SR, to buy products, make entries, make damage returns, etc. Hope you can do it through this website.

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And that’s why basically you have been given the link on this website from RFL company and a new 5/6 digit user id and password using which you can order all the products with login access.

RFL Web Do Order Entry Rules

To make Order Entry in RFL Web DO, first you need to login with your Personal web ID and password and you will see a new interface. And if you click on the Order Entry button from the left side corner, you will see a new interface like the photo below.


Now, if you click on the Save button using the item and quantity number of the product you want to enter the order, you will see the orders and quantities you have made as in the photo below.

Note: Please note that nothing can be written in the note to activate your RFL Pran Web Do Order manually.

Once the Do has been completed correctly, now you click on check incentive and by clicking on it, a new interface will open where you can check whether your total Do Income and Do incentive are correct. And if there is any short access to money in Do, you can also see and understand it from here.

Runner RFL Web Do BD

Then check if SE 0 must be present to complete your Do, then if SE is 0 you can complete your order. And now save your reading. In the next step you have to activate the order. Now let’s see how to activate the order.

RFL Web Do Order Activation System

Above we have seen how to do Order Entry in RFL Pran Web Do, but it is not only by entering the order, now your order must be activated to reach the office and to activate the order, click on Active Order from the left side corner, as in the photo below. You will see a new interface.

Runner RFL Web Do BD

Here you can see all the items of the order you just entered with the name in this new interface. And click on Active All to activate your order entry and you will see a new interface.

Now if you don’t understand whether your order is active or not then you can see here the date of your order and you can see everything in detail including the order date number as shown in the photo below.

Runner RFL Web Do BD

And there is no need to call the office to check whether the order has been placed correctly or to check whether the distribution has been done and your order has been activated.

What does RFL Web Do Product Info do?

Product Info means that you can see the list of all the products of RFL company here and you can know all the information of those products in detail through this Product Info.

That is, Product Info means if you have placed an order and if the company has activated that order, then if that product is in undelivered condition, you can check through this product info.

In this case, the money you have deposited in MR Status and the bank statement i.e. one month statement is available. You will get all the information in this one place.

What is the function of RFL Web Do Undelivered?

When you enter the RFL Pran Web DO website, you will see many options, among them there is an option called undelivered, which many of you may not know about. You can see it on the undelivered page.

So those of you who have entered the order to buy the product and activated the order, if those products have not been delivered, then you can see or check the list of those products in the undelivered option.

How to do RFL Web Do Damage Entry

All of you who work in RFL company know that all the products that are damaged in the shop are returnable, so if the shopkeeper returns any product as damaged, then the name and numbers of that product must be entered in the Damage Entry option.

As many products will be damaged, you can enter all the product name, details and price in the Damage Entry option and then it will go to the company as a hearing.

What is RFL Web Do Damage Approved Status?

Damage Approved Status We have said firstly that if a shopkeeper returns a product as damaged, then the damage entry of that product has to be done and after that entry, if the company approves it, then Damage Approved Status option has been given to check it.

Those of you who sent a request for damage entry can check the Damage Approved Status option to check whether your entry has been approved.

Runner RFL Web Do BD

How RFL Web Do Money is added – Rules for checking RFL Web Do balance

All of you who are working in RFL know that order entry is required for product purchase and balance in pran web DO is required for order entry now if you don’t know how balance is added here then let’s find out from below.

The money you deposit to buy products from RFL Pran Web Do will be deposited in MR first, you can see it from your status option and then your balance will be deposited.

Think if you buy any product from the company then the money of Mr. Dilar will be 4002 ie you can buy the goods for 4002 rupees. And if RFL company is owed to Dilar then you will not see any (-) sign.

Now if you need to complete your order then you have to SR Assign Select your name and product info in SR Assign and send request then your order will be completed.


Dear readers, in our today’s article What is RFL Pran Web Do? And how to do order entry how to do damage entry how to view damage status all the topics are discussed in detail hope you got a complete idea and understanding about RFL Web Due.

Since PRAN-RFL group is one of the most popular product or product organization in Bangladesh, it has a large number of agents and many employees, so the pran web DO portal is mainly launched for them. And many people were not aware about this project how to work here.

So basically for your convenience we have discussed in detail about RFL Pran Web Do in today’s article. I hope I have explained everything to you well. Still if you have any question then you can definitely tell us in the comment box. We will try to answer your question as much as possible.

Hope you like our today’s article, if you like it then you can share our today’s article with your friends or your company who don’t know about RFL Web Due hope they will also benefit from it. , everyone will be fine, God bless you.

FAQ For RFL Web Do

What is RFL Web Do?

PRAN-RFL Web DO is a web portal for all RFL products including order entry, product info, damage entry, etc.

How do you know if RFL Web Do?

To understand whether the Do is done correctly, go to Active Order and see today’s Date and Item and Do No. Only then will you understand that your duty has been completed correctly.

How to do RFL Web Do Order Entry?

For RFL Order Entry visit RFL official website www.runner.rflgroupbd.com:5005/ login using user ID and password and save with Item and quantity.

How to work on RFL Web Do?

To work on RFL web DO, you can do order entry, active order, undelivered, and damage entry using the user ID and password provided by RFL company.

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